Beef. It’s What’s for the Holidays.

Myth: It’s impossible to shop for beef lovers.

Fact: Nothing says happy holidays like the gift of beef. From beef jerky to boxed beef to Schmacon, there are some great beef gift options.

Whether you’re staying home or traveling, spending time with friends or family, the one thing that connects all of our plans and traditions during the holiday season is food. As we gather over meals at home and at parties, this season is not only an ideal time to reconnect with your family, but also with your food.

As you dig into your holiday roast consider gaining a deeper understanding of how that delicious and wholesome food, including beef, made it to your plate through a look into the lives of the folks who made it possible.

Farmland is currently available for digital download.

Farmland,” a documentary by Oscar® award-winning director, James Moll, offers a way to connect with those who grow and raise our food and get an inside glimpse into their livelihood.  This documentary chronicles the lives of farmers and ranchers in their 20’s – the future of our food system. Many Americans don’t know a farmer or rancher, let alone have the opportunity to step foot on a farm or ranch and experience where their food comes from. The film illustrates how food and family are inseparable – not only for us as consumers, but also for those who raise it.

The good news for the holidays is that it’s now available for rent or purchase on platforms including iTunes, YouTube, Amazon, PlayStation and vudu – buy it for your family or purchase a gift card for others to do the same.

And in case you’re in the market for any beefy holiday gifts, here are a few ideas…

  1. We already know wine and beef are a perfect pairing, but wine infused beef jerky? Winery Clos du Bois winery and Krave jerky launched a limited-edition, wine-infused beef jerky flavor: Cabernet Sauvignon Balsamic Blackberry
  2. Steaks, whether the well-known Omaha Steaks, Strassburger Steaks or any other steaks that can be delivered, steaks are always great gift ideas. Or, if you have an inquisitive foodie on your hands, consider checking out Schmacon, the “un-bacon” for your holiday morning feast.
  3. Beef is delicious no matter how you slice or dice it, but slicing and dicing it is easier with the right tools. A good carving knife and a solid cutting board make wonderful holiday gifts for the beef-lover on your list.
  4. Have a music fan or a comedy lover on your list? Get some schwag from the Peterson Farm Brothers, brothers and Kansas-based cattle ranchers who produce entertaining and educational videos about how they raise food, such as “I’m Farming and I Grow It.” Check out their website and their e-store.
  5. Does the man (or woman) in your life love steak? Consider a steak-scented candle. ManCave Candles has an “Off the Grill” candle. While we haven’t tried it ourselves, the warning that intense hunger may occur is pretty enticing.

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