A Vet’s Perspective on Antibiotics and the Veterinary Feed Directive

Jake Geis, DVM – Veterinarian, Tyndall Veterinary Clinic This is a topic of discussion within the beef industry. The following article does not represent the opinion of the Beef Checkoff. Farmers and ranchers are always responding to the ever-changing issues facing agriculture. One of our top priorities is addressing concerns about antibiotic resistance in both […]

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Would Removing Beef from the Diet Actually Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

Ashley Broocks, Emily Andreini, Megan Rolf, Ph.D., and Sara Place, Ph.D., Oklahoma State University This is a topic of discussion within the beef industry. The following article does not necessarily represent the opinion of the Beef Checkoff or the US Department of Agriculture.  Many people have suggested that removing beef from the human diet could significantly […]


Antibiotic Stewardship is Not New to Cattle Ranchers

There has been a great deal of discussion lately about how antibiotics are used in raising livestock. The reality is that farmers and ranchers take antibiotic use in livestock very seriously and continuously evaluate the way they use antibiotics based on the best possible science. In fact, for nearly 30 years, there have been quality […]


Raising Beef Isn’t Sustainable? It’s More Sustainable Than You Think

Myth: Raising beef isn’t sustainable. The Facts: To the beef community, sustainability means balancing environmental responsibility, social diligence and economic opportunity while meeting the growing global demand for beef.  Improving the sustainability of beef is of the utmost importance to the cattlemen and women who are working to ensure the longevity of the industry and are […]

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Cows cause global warming? Incorrect. Beef production accounts for less emissions than you might think.

Myth: Cows cause global warming Beef and cattle production have been targeted as one of the United States’ biggest producers of greenhouse gas emissions. Many of the numbers say that livestock or cattle contribute as much as 18 percent of our overall greenhouse gas emissions. The Facts: Beef production and the environment…the truth Cattle are […]


What Are the Popular Cattle Breeds in the United States?

Cattle come in many different shapes and sizes – much of which can be attributed to various breeds of beef cattle. Not all cattle breeds are created equal – some are well-known for their meat quality while other cattle breeds are well-known for the amount of muscle they possess. Here’s an introduction to five popular […]

Rodney and Sadie Derstein - Kansas ranchers

Meet Your Rancher: Rodney and Sadie Derstein – Kismet, KS

Rancher(s): Rodney and Sadie Derstein Location: Kismet, Kansas Ages: Rodney, 31 –  Sadie, 26 Segment: Backgrounding Operation Name: Cimarron River Cattle Company     Facts About Beef (FAB): Tell us a little bit about your operation and what you do at Cimarron River Cattle Company. Sadie Derstein (SD): We are a custom backgrounding operation, which […]

Ranchers write down antibiotic adminstration records

5 Fast Facts About the New FDA Antibiotics Guidelines

When it comes to healthy animals, no one cares more than farmers and ranchers. The beef that farmers and ranchers raise and sell to restaurants and supermarkets is the same beef they feed their own families, so it’s no surprise that they want the best care for their livestock to ensure everyone has safe, healthy beef.