The Fallacy of Factory Farming

Myth:  Big Beef has taken over cattle production and factory farming has replaced family farming and ranching, impacting the welfare of animals and the quality of beef.

Facts: Factory farming is a misnomer. The beef community is a broad community of dedicated people including farmers and ranchers, small business owners, community leaders, animal caretakers, nutritionists, environmentalists and many more who help bring beef to plates around the world. This passionate and long-standing community shares the mission to provide the safest, highest-quality beef in an environmentally and economically sustainable manner. [Read more…]

Do cattle feedlots force feed corn to cattle? No. Cattle eat grasses, grains and other forages.

Myth: Factory farms force feed cattle unnatural corn diets.

Many reports and stories claim that cattle feedlots, so-called factory farms, force feed the cattle a diet made almost entirely of corn. Many of these reports also claim that corn fed beef is unnatural, and that when it comes to grain-fed versus grass-fed beef, grass-fed is always better.

The Facts: Cattle feedlots and feedyards are not feeding cattle diets made up entirely of corn.

The truth about factory farming, or cattle feedlots, is that feedyards are made up of caring, professional people including cowboys, veterinarians and animal nutritionists who make sure cattle receive the best care possible on a daily basis, and that includes ensuring they receive a proper, nutritious and balanced diet.  Here’s what you should know about what cattle eat in a feedlot: [Read more…]

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