Cattle Producers Want You to See Inside the Barn

Myth: Farmers and ranchers don’t want consumers to see what happens on farms, feedlots or a slaughter house.

The Facts:  This couldn’t be further from the truth—farmers and ranchers are committed to transparency. From farm to fork, there are a wide variety of resources to learn more about how beef is raised and the people who raise it.

Farmers and ranchers consistently open their barn doors to allow interested consumers the opportunity to see first-hand how beef is raised.  From school groups to community tours, the public is consistently invited into farms and ranches throughout the country. Many of these consumers even document and share their experiences with others.

On top of offering up tours and experiences, many farmers and ranchers also take the time to blog or make YouTube videos to help those people who aren’t able to make it out to a farm or ranch understand how beef is raised.  Now you are able to get a firsthand account of what happens on the farm or ranch for the comfort of your own home. Check out the following accounts from farmers and ranchers, as well as consumers, which provide a firsthand look at how beef is raised.  

Check out a recent blog post from Katie Pratt, corn and soybean farmer from Illinois, as she explores the “terms of transparency” and opens up the opportunity for consumers to ask questions of farmers and ranchers.

You can be confident in the care that beef producers provide to their animals, however, if you still have questions please explore the links and videos above to learn more about beef and meat production in the United States or seek out a nearby farmer and request a tour. You’ll find the barn doors are always open!

See below for examples of cattlemen and women opening up their farms and ranches for tours.

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The truth about undercover videos

Myth:  Undercover videos  show abuse and are representative of the entire beef industry.

Fact:  These videos represent abuses that are extremely disgraceful to a beef community that is fully committed to raising animals humanely and does not tolerate mistreatment of cattle.

Hope Hull 0110

Despite undercover videos showing footage of disturbing animal abuse, it is not a normal or acceptable occurrence.  The beef industry does not condone any mishandling of livestock on the farm or ranch or in the packing facility. The actions depicted in these videos are disgraceful and not representative of the entire beef community.  The vast majority of cattlemen adhere to the absolute best animal care and handling guidelines established by veterinarians and other experts. [Read more…]

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