How Farmers and Ranchers Are Becoming More Sustainable

When it comes to questions about sustainability, U.S. agriculture sometimes gets a bad rap. We know you might have questions about the sustainability of the food you eat and want to know what farmers have done (and what they are continuing to do) to be more sustainable. Of course, the best people to answer questions about sustainability in agriculture are the farmers and ranchers living it every day. On US News & World Report, Registered Dietitian Toby Amidor interviews five different types of farmers, including Kansas rancher Debbie Lyons-Blythe, to share some of the environmentally-friendly changes in their methods of raising and growing food.

Debbie Lyons-Blythe, Kansas cattle rancher

Debbie Lyons-Blythe, Kansas cattle rancher

“I live in the Kansas Flint Hills, one of the last remaining natural tallgrass prairies in the world. To protect the prairie, we work hard to maintain the water and water quality in our ponds.

The water comes from rainfall on the surrounding hills and is filtered through the grass as it runs into the ponds, providing access to clean, fresh water for cattle and wildlife alike. According to recent studies, up to 75 percent of wildlife in the U.S. lives on farms and ranches. We manage for the entire ecosystem and diversity is the goal – both in wildlife and grasses. That makes for a healthier grassland and healthier cattle.” – Debbie Lyons-Blythe, Blythe Ranch, Kansas

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  1. Suzette Petillo says:

    Thank God there is still anything left ‘natural’ growing in America. They put that word on GMOs, and it is patented mutation of nature.
    Thank you for keeping something pure.

    • FactsAboutBeef says:

      Hi Suzette- thank you for your comment. If you are looking for information on GMOs, here is a great resource that is sourced with information from food and nutrition scientists. Thanks again for reading!

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