Jan Tilley, MS, RDN, LD

What Do Dietitians Think about Red Meat and Cancer?

Red meat is often tied to chronic disease even though there are many benefits to including it in your diet. What do dietitians think about red meat and cancer?

Peppered top sirloin roast

Fast Facts: What Do IARC’s Findings on Red Meat and Cancer Mean for You?

Learn everything you need to know about IARC’s findings on red meat and cancer.

Chart depicting the increase in lean cuts of beef

America’s Beef Supply Has Evolved

The internet is flooded with trendy diets, weight-loss programs and conflicting advice on what a healthy lifestyle is – often leaving individuals confused about what is “good” and “bad” to eat. A healthy diet is important to achieve and maintain for optimal health; everyone has different dietary and nutritional needs, so no single diet is […]

A fresh salad topped with lean beef

Think Beef Doesn’t Fit on Your Plate? Think Again.

Myth: Beef doesn’t have a place on my plate as part of a healthy diet. Fact: Beef still has a place on your plate, and you can feel confident that there are a variety of ways to include beef on your plate as part of a healthy diet. Leading experts agree that when it comes […]

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Is meat consumption out of control, and is it making us unhealthy?

Myth: Meat consumption is too high, and this overconsumption is leading to increased health problems. There seems to be a lot of talk about how much meat Americans are eating and suggestions that this leads to health issues. You may wonder if we have too much meat on our plates or if a vegetarian diet […]


How do vegetarian diets stack up against diets including lean meat?

Myth: Vegetarian diets are healthier than diets that include meat According to a recent Gallup poll, only 5% of American adults consider themselves to be vegetarians. However,  vegetarian diets are a frequent topic of conversation in the news and in daily conversations. With all the chatter about vegetarianism, you may want to find out if […]

Joan and Steve Ruskamp

Meet Your Rancher: Joan Ruskamp – Dodge, NE

  Rancher(s): Joan Ruskamp Location: Dodge, NE Age: 55 Segment: Feedyard Operation Name:   J & S Feedlot —————————————————– What is your favorite part of being a beef rancher? Joan Ruskamp: My favorite part is walking pens when the morning is absolutely beautiful, the cattle are all spread out and comfortable and content. How important is […]

Sonoma Style Beef Skewers

Understanding the Evidence on Red Meat and Cancer Risk

For nearly 100 years, America’s farmers and ranchers have supported nutrition research to advance the understanding of beef’s role in a balanced and healthful diet, as part of our commitment to providing a wholesome, nutritious food to Americans. Part of that research has included commissioning scientific reviews of the existing evidence on red meat (including beef) and cancer risk.  […]


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