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Cows cause global warming? Incorrect. Beef production accounts for less emissions than you might think.

Myth: Cows cause global warming Beef and cattle production have been targeted as one of the United States’ biggest producers of greenhouse gas emissions. Many of the numbers say that livestock or cattle contribute as much as 18 percent of our overall greenhouse gas emissions. The Facts: Beef production and the environment…the truth Cattle are […]

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Drug Residues in Meat?

Myth: Ranchers aren’t doing anything about drug residues in beef. Fact: Farmers and ranchers are committed to raising safe, wholesome beef.  In addition, the United States has a complex residue control system, with rigorous processes for approval, sampling, testing, and enforcement activities. The National Residue Program is designed to prevent the occurrence of violative levels […]

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Meet Your Rancher: Jake and Carolyn Geis – Tyndall, South Dakota

Jake and Carolyn Geis Rancher(s): Jake and Carolyn Geis Location: Tyndall, South Dakota Age: 28 & 26 Segment: Cow/calf Operation Name: Diamond Ranch Facts About Beef: Tell us a little bit about your operation and what you do at the Diamond Ranch? Jake Geis: My wife, Carolyn, and I own part of a cow/calf operation […]

Beef. It’s What’s for the Holidays.

Myth: It’s impossible to shop for beef lovers. Fact: Nothing says happy holidays like the gift of beef. From beef jerky to boxed beef to Schmacon, there are some great beef gift options. Whether you’re staying home or traveling, spending time with friends or family, the one thing that connects all of our plans and […]

Troy and Stacy Hadrick on their South Dakota ranch

Meet Your Rancher: Troy and Stacy Hadrick — Faulkton, South Dakota

Name: Troy and Stacy Hadrick Location: Faulkton, South Dakota Segment: Cow/calf, Stocker, Feeder Facts About Beef: What makes your operation unique – geographical, environmental, type of cattle, etc.?   Troy Hadrick (TH): We raise Angus cattle on the prairies of north central South Dakota. Our average yearly precipitation is around 19 inches, but a significant […]


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