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Ten Tips for Safely Handling and Preparing Raw Beef

Myth: There are too many risks associated with handling raw beef and defrosting beef for it to be at the center of the plate at meal time. The Facts: Actually, there are many tips that consumers can implement into their beef purchasing and preparation routines which contribute to a safe, enjoyable beef-eating experience. Tip 1- […]

A food safety expert discusses beef safety and quality in a processing plant

There is No Horse Meat in Ground Beef

Horse meat in your ground beef? Not in the United States because of strict oversight & labeling laws to ensure 100% beef.

The Lone Star tick is recognizable because of the white dot on its back. Source: CDC

The Tale of the Tick-Induced Meat Allergy

Pia Untalan Olafson, Research Molecular Biologist, USDA-Agricultural Research Service This is a topic of discussion within the beef industry. The following article does not necessarily represent the opinion of the Beef Checkoff or the US Department of Agriculture.  The following is Q&A with Pia Untalan Olafson about the Lone Star tick and its association with the […]

Uncooked Bacon Wrapped Filets.  Source:

Get the Facts on “Meat Glue” or Transglutaminase

There have been a multitude of questions about transglutaminase or “meat glue” lately. Let’s set the record straight on this safe, naturally-occurring enzyme that has been used for nearly two decades. What is Transglutaminase or “Meat Glue”? Transglutaminase (TG) or “meat glue” is a naturally-occurring enzyme, composed of simple amino acid chains. Why is TG […]

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The Beef Lifecycle Begins on the Cow-Calf Operation

The entire beef community works every day to produce high-quality beef for Americans. So, where does it all begin? The beef lifecycle begins on a cow-calf operation; where farmers and ranchers maintain a herd of mama cows for breeding. First, cows (mature female cattle) and bulls (intact adult male cattle) are bred to produce calves. […]


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