The Beef Lifecycle: From Farm to Fork

The beef lifecycle is perhaps one of the most unique and complex lifecycles of any food. It takes a dedicated community of people to bring beef from farm to fork, but the result is wholesome, delicious and high-quality beef that people can feel good about.

Nina Teicholz, former near vegetarian/flexitarian, investigative journalist and author of a new book, “The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet".

Surprise?! Saturated Fat May Not Be As Bad As We Were Led to Believe

This is a topic of discussion within the beef industry. The following article does not represent the opinion of the Beef Checkoff or the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Ever question whether low saturated fat diets are all they are cracked up to be? From followers of Paleo to South Beach to Atkins types of diets, […]


Need Responsibly Raised Beef? Call Us

This is a topic of discussion within the beef industry. The following article does not necessarily represent the opinion of the Beef Checkoff. In response to a recent blog post on the Huffington Post website by Chipotle Founder, Chairman and Co-CEO, Steve Ells entitled Conventional vs. Grass-fed Beef, we spoke with two California ranchers about how […]


Meet Your Rancher: Brad Bellah – Throckmorton, TX

Name: Brad Bellah Location: Throckmorton, TX Age: 28 Segment: Cow/Calf, Stocker, Feedyard FactsAboutBeef: What does sustainability mean to you?Brad Bellah: Sustainability means responsibly and efficiently producing beef. That includes managing resources both for today and tomorrow. One way we do this is through rotational grazing, which helps to utilize native grasses as efficiently as possible […]


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