Troy and Stacy Hadrick on their South Dakota ranch

Meet Your Rancher: Troy and Stacy Hadrick — Faulkton, South Dakota

Name: Troy and Stacy Hadrick Location: Faulkton, South Dakota Segment: Cow/calf, Stocker, Feeder Facts About Beef: What makes your operation unique – geographical, environmental, type of cattle, etc.?   Troy Hadrick (TH): We raise Angus cattle on the prairies of north central South Dakota. Our average yearly precipitation is around 19 inches, but a significant […]

ground beef_04-LE-4

Ten Tips for Safely Handling and Preparing Raw Beef

Myth: There are too many risks associated with handling raw beef and defrosting beef for it to be at the center of the plate at meal time. The Facts: Actually, there are many tips that consumers can implement into their beef purchasing and preparation routines which contribute to a safe, enjoyable beef-eating experience. Tip 1- […]

Antibiotics Cattle

Antibiotic Use in Cattle 101

Myth: Big beef uses antibiotics without regard for animal welfare or human health. Facts: Antibiotics are just one tool beef farmers and ranchers use to keep cattle healthy by treating and preventing the spread of illness. Cattle can pick up illnesses, just like humans, whether they’re out on pasture or in a feedlot with other […]

The Beef Lifecycle: From Farm to Fork

The beef lifecycle is perhaps one of the most unique and complex lifecycles of any food. It takes a dedicated community of people to bring beef from farm to fork, but the result is wholesome, delicious and high-quality beef that people can feel good about.


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